Home Buying Transaction

General Overview Of Steps Involved With Buying Your Home

Decide To Buy a Home

Make Sure you are ready both financially and emotionally

Get Pre-Approved

Work with a loan professional. Submit applications & documents for review. Determine how much you can afford.

Meet With Real Estate Agent

Define what type of home you’re looking for. (style, price, neighborhood)

Look at Properties

Take notes. Which properties meet most of your wishes/needs. Be open.

You've Found the House

Work with your real estate agent to make an offer. Review the comps. Put in a price & terms you’re comfortable with.

Submit Offer

Work with your agent to put together the offer package. (purchase, contract, copy of initial deposit, loan approval)


It may take a few rounds to get an offer accepted. Be patient. Don’t overpay.

Offer Accepted

Set up escrow. Get initial deposit to them.

Get Transaction Calendar

Your agent will provide a calendar of important dates. Keep track of contingency deadlines.

Submit Loan to Lender

Your loan agent will submit complete loan package to lender. Also order the appraisal.

Conduct Inspections

Perform all inspections (general home, pest, etc). This is the time to find out everything you can about the home.

Review Inspections & Appraisal

If there are any issues, this is the time to possibly re-negotiate with the seller.

Review With the Lender

Make sure the appraisal is ok. Make sure loan is ok. See final approval and review final conditions.

Remove Contingencies

Time to remove all contract contingencies. Make sure you understand ramifications. Make final deposit.

Order Loan Documents

Lender prepares and sends loan documents to escrow.

Sign Loan Documents

Sign loan documents at attorney’s office. Bring in the balance of your down payment.


Title company will send signed loan documents to lender. Lender wires money to the title company.


Once the recording is final, the house is yours!