Things To Ask Naples Real Estate Agents Before Hiring Them

Figuring out how to get the best deal on a property in Florida can be pretty difficult on your own. A way to speed up the process is to hire a real estate agent familiar with Florida to help you get started on looking at the best properties for you and liaising with sellers you want to speak to.

Another question you can ask yourself is this: How do you know who to trust while speaking to different agents? Below are a list of questions to ask a real estate agent in Florida to find out if they can help you find your dream property:

Do You Have A Lot Of Expertise In The Area I Want To Explore?

Even though you may want to speak to a lot of real estate agents who claim they’re based in Florida, you need to find out whether they have a certain hyper-local expertise surrounding the area you want to explore.

Finding out whether someone has hyper-local expertise means that they can easily tell you anything and everything that has to do with the type of neighborhoods you want, the market conditions of areas you’re looking at, and types of homes you can see yourself eventually living in.

Are You A Full-Time Real Estate Agent?

Not many people in real estate know this, but selling property is as demanding as a full-time job. A full-time real estate agent may be more attentive to your needs versus a part-time one.

Part-time agents could still be competent people to collaborate with, but if you need someone who is on top of your needs 24/7, you might want to make sure that the agent you get is a full-time one.

Do You Represent Buyers, Sellers, Or Both?

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you might run into a real estate agent who only represents one side of the equation. This is great if you want an agent who is specifically attentive to your needs, but more experienced agents usually know how to liaise with both.

Plus, no matter where you are in the real estate setup, you will want an experienced agent’s opinion on what the other side is thinking of the deal. Ideally, you’ll want to get an agent who is experienced with both buyers and sellers.

Do You Offer Specific Marketing Strategies?

Both buyers and sellers would benefit from a rock solid marketing strategy set up by a trusted real estate agent. Sending your queries out to the right people and receiving the right answers you need requires some planning on your agent’s part. You’ll need to know that they can handle your strategic needs throughout the process.

Here are some strategies to look out for:

  • Social media advertising
  • Online marketing
  • Professional photography
  • YouTube slideshow creation
  • Industry-leading website creation

What Is Your Fee And Payment Method?

A legitimate real estate agent would provide you with a decent fee and multiple payment methods that are easily accessible. If you can’t seem to understand the payment method they’re trying to describe to you, and are asking for too much information about your bank or credit card, you might want to avoid the scam-in-the-making.

Always trust real estate companies or agents who are up front about how much they want to be paid, and the payment methods they prefer. Try to negotiate weekly or monthly payment structures with who you want to talk to so their work for you is properly accounted for. Don’t forget to ask your real estate for a proper contract you can look over, too! That way, all of these important terms will be put in writing.

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