Backyard Design Trends

backyard design trend

As the spring and summer months approach, chances are you’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors. Whether you’re designing a backyard from scratch or looking to re-vamp your tired lawn and patio, below you’ll find some of the exterior design trends that are making waves in residential backyards this year that you might consider trying out for yourself. 

Biophilic design

Experts are saying this year’s biggest trend for residential backyards will be biophilic design or the use of natural materials rather than manufactured ones. This type of design puts an emphasis on wood and stone over plastics and synthetic fibers and makes your backyard oasis really feel like it’s one with nature. 


Blues and cool tones will dominate this year, so embrace the earthy and neutral tones that evoke calmness and relaxation in your backyard. Feel free to play with patterns and textures in your furniture and accessories, as many expect bohemian style to make a comeback in outdoor spaces this year. 

Seating areas

Over recent years, it’s become increasingly important to have an outdoor place to meet with friends and be social, or even a place to set up your office on nice and sunny days. Aiming to maximize both form and function, outdoor seating areas and comfortable furniture are a must for backyards today. Plus, there are countless options to meet every budget, style, and preferred level of durability.


This summer, many people are looking to embrace the natural and wild plants native to their area. Chances are, these plants will flourish much more than foliage that is transported from a different soil or climate, so your backyard will be lush and blooming when you take this route. Not to mention, this is a great way to support local wildlife like bees and birds. 


While both decorative and functional, gardening is a popular trend that really picked up during the pandemic and isn’t going away anytime soon. Being able to grow fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables at home is appealing to many, so test your green thumb this summer and start with some beginner crops like salad greens, strawberries, or tomatoes.

Overall, mixing function with comfortability is the overarching trend for backyards this year. As we continue to spend more time at home and venture outdoors during the warmer months, consider adopting these trends to create a cozy place where you can kick back and connect with nature in your own backyard. 

Guest writer Bailey Schramm is a writer from outdoor and recreational fabric retailer Seattle Fabrics.