Foreign National Mortgage Options

foreign national mortgage loan option

Loan Option for Foreign National Buyers

Purchasing real estate as a foreign national in the United States can seem practically impossible. Foreign national mortgages, on the other hand, can make it easier for non-citizens to get a mortgage and buy a home. Regardless of your citizenship status, these mortgages allow you to achieve the American dream.

Frank Procopio │The Naples Agent has collaborated with the Bispo Mortgage Team to provide foreign national mortgages at low-interest rates. Our knowledgeable mortgage consultants can assist you in evaluating various foreign national loan schemes and securing foreign national funding.

What Is a Foreign National Loan Program?

A foreign national loan program is a type of loan available to non-residents of the United States who want to buy a home, whether as an investment property or as a place to stay while visiting. This program is intended to assist foreign nationals in the United States in navigating the unique hurdles they may face during the homebuying process.

Nonresidents can usually get a mortgage without a Social Security number, a green card, or a visa through foreign national mortgage schemes. Borrowers are also not required to produce proof of credit if they do not have a FICO score. Borrowers may instead use alternative methods to demonstrate creditworthiness, such as submitting a credit report from their home country.

Loans to foreign nationals are frequently referred to as ITIN loans or loans to non-permanent resident aliens. Noncitizens in the United States can purchase property through these schemes, even if they lack the documentation that is typically required to receive a home loan.

Do Foreign National Loans Have Different Requirements?

Yes, the standards and regulations for foreign national mortgages are different. A foreign national must live and work outside of the United States and is not permitted to dwell in the United States. Some of these schemes don’t even ask for proof of income from investors, instead of relying solely on assets and appraisals to approve loans. Depending on the scheme, a down payment of 25-30% is required.

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